Release Date:
Windows Phone Store: 26th August 2014
App Store: 8th January 2015

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Beartrap Games Limited

Founding Date:
October 2012


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Grant Alexander

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3rd Floor, 11 Castle Street

+44 (0)1382 223919

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Famitsu Nominee     4Gamer Nominee

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A strategic, fast-paced combat game at your fingertips!

Become the eye in the sky and protect an allied convoy making its way through enemy territory. Take part in the fast paced action and defend against any hostiles the convoy encounters as it travels. Use the touch screen to fire a wide variety of missiles, explosives, bombs and more to intercept and destroy everything threatening you in a maelstrom of tactical mayhem.

Are you trigger happy or one of the fortunate ones with 20:20 precision? Either way, in the heat of battle there will be dozens of enemies and targets to take care of at once – let’s just hope you can handle the SKY PATROL challenge!

With strategic weapon deployment and path creation, you have direct control over offensive and defensive weapons. So it’s your job to make sure that everything hits the target – no excuses!

We won’t lie to you; it’s not going to be easy! Don’t panic though, you’ll have a multitude of weapon types to play with – each more powerful and explosive than the last.

See you on the other side…hopefully!


The player’s task is to oversee and protect an allied convoy on a journey through enemy territory. As the convoy advances, enemy forces will attack and it will be up to the player to defend and protect their charges as they complete their mission.

The commander’s chair provides a bird’s eye view of the battlefield combining with touch screen controls to allow the player to direct his attacks easily and quickly. Using a selection of offensive and defensive weapons the player must plan his attacks and act quickly if they are to be successful.

With clean and clear visuals Sky Patrol will allow the play to be fluid and comfortable for casual players but will also allow it to be challenging and heart pounding for the more hardcore out there.









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Launched in October 2012, Beartrap Games is a dynamic team of award-winning developers who collectively have over 30 years of experience making games.

The Directors have a rich & respected history in this industry – having proudly worked on many award winning and bestselling titles. They have accumulated awards from BAFTA, Golden Joystick, Develop and other respected organisations. Their impressive portfolio of titles ranges from iconic classics including Theme Park & Magic Carpet to the more recent fastest and biggest selling XBLA title ever!

Officially registered to develop on all major platforms, the mission at Beartrap Games is quite simply to ‘Bring Arcade Back’!  Using their experience and drive, they pride themselves on producing high quality games.