Bee Title


Bee Prototype Build

This is a prototype game and technical demo written for HTML5.  The game is of the ‘infinite runner’ genre – with the player’s bee running over a landscape at an ever increasing speed.

If this title attracts commercial interest, we would look to include the following features into the build:

  • bee-mockerExpanded front-end with splash screens/branding, high score display, instructions, etc.
  • Reduce bee character size to increase play area.
  • Add “fuel” mechanic to improve gameplay.
  • Additional background styles.
  • Add weapons and targets to hit – moving wasps and static vines.
  • Add pickups – probably just weapon upgrades, shield and invincibility/dash.
  • End of game roulette to provide bonuses for next game.
  • Optimisation for phone & tablets.
  • General performance optimisation and bug fixes.
  • Options for re-branding – either more mature “Badass Bee” with real guns or sticking with a more neutral tone including “stinger” guns etc.