Project Description


idle-0007Meet Ugg!, a primitive alpha caveman who has been selected to hunt out fire and return with a blazing torch. The player must platform their way across a prehistoric environment, overcoming obstacles, fending off fauna and solving puzzles to reach the flame and return it safely to his tribe.

Sounds like a simple enough task, doesn’t it – well that’s because we haven’t warned you about the challenges that your Neanderthal hero will encounter!

Ugg will have to swim to the bottom of great seas teeming with life and danger, venture deep into dark and dank cave systems inhabited by ravenous sabre-toothed bats and make his way through dense, oversized jungles where he will battle for survival against rogue tribes intent on his extinction!

HOGGER-docAs if all this wasn’t difficult enough, Ugg also has the added challenge of keeping the flame safe and alight! From using burning vines that bypass waterfalls to having a primordial tortoise carry the fire through gaps too small for our un-evolved adventurer, Ugg will require all his cunning to succeed!

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